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Come and join the Band

Come and join the Band

2015-09-09 00:48:43

Kinder 4 and 5 gave three colourful performances of Come and Join the Band! The plays were based on some of our school priorities and objectives, the richness of diversity and the relevance of strengthening bonds.

Kinder 5 played the roles of conductors and musicians who didn't want to play together while Kinder 4 pretended to be a cheerful audience, who insisted on sharing and playing music as a band. Finally, they all understood that...

For a band to play

And it’s great talent display

For music to be heard

To feel as a flying bird

It’s necessary for every part

To work as a group

Because love is an art

And art is love

A force from above

That brings us together.

We all enjoyed their sweet voices, songs and dances, and the great effort shown by the students and teachers to delight the audience with their performances. Well done, Kinder 4 & 5!!

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Come and join the Band Come and join the Band