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The Mighty Jungle

The Mighty Jungle

2016-09-12 11:16:44

"Sala Lila and Sala Verde T.T performed "The Mighty Jungle", a play that tells the story of a group of explorers who go on an adventure looking for a treasure in the Jungle. After exploring nature, making new friends and solving their problems all together, they find out that treasures are not always coins, toys or chocolates. They realise that friendship, nature and the world itself is the greatest and most valuable treasure we need to cherish." (Miss Cata, Sala Lila English Teacher)

"The Mighty Jungle" is a story full of values such as friendship and love, where children could enjoy dancing, singing and talking in English. Teachers and children had fun producing this play together. "  (Miss Juli, Sala Blanca English Teacher)
"Children, teachers and parents prepared the play with a lot of effort and we could all see that enjoyment on stage. Congratulations sala roja!"  (Miss Pili, Sala Roja English Teacher)

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The Mighty Jungle The Mighty Jungle